Bae’s Baekery Review

March 30, 2020

*Sampled before Cookie Counter was created, so no photos are available. 
@bourbonbaekery (Bae’s Baekery) was created in 2019 by Abigail with the help of her fiancé, Griffin. It started more as a hobby, but the demand for her cookies was so high that she left her job and postponed law school to pursue her passion! Per, “She wanted to create a perfectly balanced cookies, not too sweet, yet not too bland.” Her business is run online from Kentucky.

When the cookies arrived, they looked as great as the photos! Each cookie was 6oz+ and soft. When I took a bite, I racked my brain for hours trying to decipher what they reminded me of. The filling was good, but none of them were sweet like a regular cookie and the consistency seemed different. After a while, I realized that they remind me of scones! I prefer a more sweet and stronger flavored cookie, so these were not the cookies for me. These would work well for someone who wants a mild flavor and finds regular cookies to be too sweet.

1) Saint or Cinna
2) Red Velvet
3)Cinnamon Rollex

🔹Price: Each cookie was $5 and the shipping was $10.80. Well priced for what you receive. 🔹Ease of order: The shop is always accepting orders! I did not receive a confirmation email, so it was a great surprise when it arrived!
🔹Rating: 4/10

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