Baked and Boujee AZ Review

April 2, 2020
The owner, Hunter, and his girlfriend, Mana, run the business in Arizona. Hunter also works as a personal trainer and bodybuilder. He has been selling online since April, 2019. His passion for baking grew from helping his mom in the kitchen. Now he makes delicious cookies and offers keto and “macro friendly” options. I opted for the full-fat goodness!😋

This is the first company I’ve encountered to ship in a bag rather than a box. While it’s likely the reason for low shipping costs, two of the softer cookies were smushed a bit during transport. While the packaging wasn’t fancy, my rating is based solely on the cookies and they are MASSIVE!🍪

🔹Better than Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookie-8.1 oz weight. This cookie was the real standout to me in the pack. It had a little crunch from the white sugar granules that did not dissolve into the dough. It didn’t bother me much and warming it up made it a 8.8/10 for me!

🔹Party Animal- 8.9 oz monster of a cookie! Peanut butter cookies with Oreos, nutter butters, caramel bits, and white chocolate chips. I found only one caramel bit in my cookie. It had a strong peanut butter flavor. Good flavor and PB fans will enjoy it! 7.5/10

🔹Couch Potato- 8.1 oz weight. Filled with M&Ms, chocolate covered pretzels, and potato chips. They were NOT stingy on the fillings for this cookie! Think of your classic M&M cookie flavor and that perfectly describes this.😋 The potato chips and some of the pretzels were stale, but that is very common with baked goods. 8.5/10

🔹Strawberry Poptart- 8.2 oz weight. Pop tart and strawberry jelly dough. This cookie tastes exactly like a pop tart! It has a very buttery and slightly salty flavor. 8/10

🔹Banana Nut- 8.5 oz weight. My exact words were “This isn’t a cookie. This is straight up banana bread!”😂It has a very buttery after taste. (Edited after reheating from the freezer) There was something about the flavor that wasn’t my favorite. It left an aftertaste I didn’t care for. Cool cookie idea! 6.8/10🍌

These cookies were HUGE! I had to stop part way through testing them to give my stomach a break 😋 I didn’t mind the two getting smushed in the long run. They still taste great and my belly doesn’t know the difference 🤣Very soft, well-made, and tasty! They honestly have the best bang for your buck out of everyone I’ve tried so far. You get a huge cookie for the price and pay very little to have them shipped. I highly recommend them!

🔹Price: If you order four or more, they are only $5-5.50 each. Their original price is $7, which is a good deal for the size of the cookies.
🔹Ordering: $6.99 for shipping. The cookies were all available and easy to order every time I looked. Received my order less than a week after placing it.
🔹Rating: 8/10 🔥

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