Big Fat Cookie Review

April 17, 2020
These cookies, based out of Chicago, have a lot of love from their large fan base and that’s how I heard about them. I usually post a bio, but unfortunately there isn’t one on their website. *I tried warming them up first for photos bc I’ve been asked why I don’t. My hands got covered in melted chocolate and it was a big mess. Never again!😅*
🍪‘Nother Nuckin’ Futz Pack🍪

🍪Quadruple Chocolate (6.1 oz)- Chocolate cookie with chocolate chips and PB chips. This cookie has a very dark, kind of bitter cocoa flavor to it. It’s not really sweet and has a slight salt flavor. I’ve personally made a batch of cookies that tasted a lot like this when I went heavy on the dark cocoa powder and did not use much sugar. I didn’t care for the batch I made and, I have to be honest, this cookie reminds me a lot of that batch. 7/10

🍪PB Puppy Chow (6.7 oz)-PB dough with homemade puppy chow on top. This cookie was very fun to eat! The puppy chow managed to stay fresh and had a satisfying crunch when I bit into it. I don’t know if I can get that same crunch experience with any other cookies! The PB dough was good, but it did not wow me. I took a couple days to try it again and I still felt the same about it. I’ve tried several PB cookies and, while I can’t pinpoint what I would specifically want changed in the recipe, this cookie simply didn’t measure up in my opinion. Usually I can pinpoint it, but PB in general is such a strong flavor that it is difficult to taste what type of sugar was used, if there’s cinnamon, etc. 7.8/10

🔸Price: $29/pack or $7.25/cookie. That’s a little more than other companies with similar sized cookies charge. Shipping was $12.67.
🔸Ordering: I believe orders are usually open, but some packs were sold out when I ordered. The order was shipped out one day after I placed it.
🔸Overall rating: 7.5/10
I feel like I’m going to get some backlash for this rating. It doesn’t reflect everyone’s opinion. Just mine.

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