Duchess Cookies NYC Review

April 4, 2020
Sofia Demetriou created the company after growing up around a family in the bakery business. She is also the creator of the $1,000 23k gold leaf cookie!😲 She launched the business in 2017 out of NY and hasn’t looked back!

My sister gifted these cookies to me and they did not disappoint! Nutrition facts are listed on the website🙈 The real stunner is listed below ⬇️

🔹Chocolate Pecan Fudge-5.5 oz weight. Dark chocolate cookie with pecans and filled with ganache. This cookie was perfectly fudgey and the filling was amazing! I don’t know if another chocolate cookie will be able to top this! 9/10

🔹Grape PB&J- 4.9 oz. PB dough with sprinkles and grape jelly filling. Light PB flavor with straight grape jelly in the middle. It tasted exactly like the sandwich and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. 8.2/10

🔹Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel Cookie- 5.3 oz. Chocolate chip dough with pretzels, caramel center, and sea salt on top. The C.C. base was good, but not as much of a stand-out as I was expecting. The caramel didn’t taste salted (was really good though)and I didn’t notice a salt flavor at all while eating it. There was one pretzel on top that was slightly stale. Not a big deal though. I would take the pretzel off. 6.8/10

🔹Ruby Red Velvet- 4.6 oz. Red velvet dough with glitter, white chocolate chips and cheesecake filling. The red velvet base was a good flavor, but not my favorite out there. The filling wasn’t sweetened much, so it had a lot of tang. 7/10

🔹Oatmeal Apple Pie- 4.9 oz. Cinnamon oatmeal base with apple pie filling. This cookie was so good! The dough had a mild flavor with light spices added. I think they kept the spices mild to appease a larger crowd. It gives the apple pie filling center stage. It tastes just like the filling from a pie. They didn’t have the oats garnishing the top like in their photos. It would have made it a bit more photogenic, but doesn’t change the flavor. 7.8/10

🔹Price: $3.75/cookie. Shipping was $8. This is a very good deal for the size and quality of cookie.
🔹Ordering: My sister said that a few were sold out, but most cookies were available. Received the order just 4 days after it was placed! 🤯
🔹Rating: 8/10

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