Fat T’s Cookies Review

May 1, 2020

Travis got a different start in the business than most. According to him, he randomly baked for the first time and sold the cookies out of his car at events for extra money after grad school. He said, “I saw a spark and turned it into fire...” Not relying on other finished products or artificially flavored items like pop tarts and Oreos is important to him. The goal is for everything to be high-quality and and truly made from scratch!

🍪Cinn City- 4.2 oz Chocolate chip cookie with cinnamon roll filling rolled into it. Topped with cream cheese. The base tasted good and the cinnamon roll filling and topping really made the cookie! At first I thought it was a little dry, but warming it up fixed that for me and made the cream cheese melt 😋 8.5/10

🍪High on the Hog🥓- 4.2 oz Maple base with bacon pieces mixed in. I think this was my first time trying maple dough and I really enjoyed it! It had a crunchy outside with a soft and moist inside. There was a good amount of bacon. This could be considered a breakfast food! 9/10

🍪Moose House-4.1 oz inspired by Moose Tracks ice cream. A mix of regular and chocolate dough stuffed with a PB cup & topped with fudge drizzle. I didn’t find that the flavor combo wowed me. I would have preferred more PB cups and fudge mixed into the cookie for added flavor. It seemed a bit dry to me. 6.5/10

🍪Four the Love of Chocolate-4.4 oz Chocolate cookie with chocolate chips, Hershey’s, and nutella filling. It had a good flavor and I liked the nutella added. This cookie seemed dry to me. 7.5/10

🍪The OG- 4 oz Described on the website as “The ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie.” The flavor was good and there were a lot of chocolate chips in the base! I did not find the cookie to match the ooey gooey description. I cut it in half and it looked dry. I asked my roommate for a second opinion and she agreed. I used a photo to compare mine vs the their photo (photo credit @fat_ts_cookies). 7/10

🍪What’s Up Doc?- 5 oz Carrot cake cookie with walnuts mixed in. Topped with cream cheese frosting and coconut. I thought this tasted just like a carrot cake! Knowing that he does it without relying on artificial flavors or things like carrot cake Oreos makes it pretty impressive to me how this turned out. It’s moist and soft with a delicious frosting. 8.8/10

I tried all of the cookies room temp and then warmed up before making a decision. I reached out to the owner and voiced my concern that the cookies seemed dry. He responded back promptly. I wanted to make sure his voice was heard on it. He said “...a majority of the cookies we make aren’t considered soft batch or cookie dough texture and are all baked to the 160 IT FDA minimum threshold.” Under-baking is a method sometimes used to achieve soft batch cookies. He follows FDA protocol to make sure that no one could get sick from under-baked cookies.

🔹Cost: $2.88-$3.50/cookie. Very reasonable for the size. Shipping was $11.40
🔹Ordering: All the cookies were available every time I checked. They shipped three days After I placed the order.
🔹Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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