Fat & Weird Review

January 3, 2021

Weighing in at 15.5 oz (nearly 1 pound!) is the MEGA Big Sexy from @fatandweirdcookie Thank you to my friend for this Christmas gift!

May 25, 2020
🍪𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑩𝒆𝒍𝒕 𝑩𝒖𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓- Pecan pie cookie butter. The oil separates during shipping, so you just have to mix it for a minute when you get it, which is typical for butters. This one has a strong nut flavor with small chunks of pecan mixed in. I was surprised there wasn’t sugar alcohol mixed in because it has that sweet aftertaste you get with products using it. While I didn’t care for it on its own, I added some to my oatmeal and liked it better in there. It sweetened the oatmeal and added plenty of pecan flavor. If you love pecans, you might like it in things like pancakes.

🍪𝑩𝒊𝒈 𝑺𝒆𝒙𝒚-Based on their popular salted caramel cookie! It has a strong caramel flavor with plenty of sea salt mixed in. It has a slightly gritty texture. The flavor is tasty and I think people would enjoy it straight from the jar, on top of pancakes, or mixed into protein shakes. I think I’ve seen @gabsfit15 put it on her toast ❤️

Their protein butters have less fat, less carbs, less sugar, and more protein than a regular cookie butter (photo comparison provided). I think that the flavor is more suited for people who are used to eating high protein, lower sugar, healthier alternatives. I put a side-by-side photo with another protein cookie butter brand to give you an idea of where the macros and sugar content stand against others. I liked the Fat&Weird Salted Caramel better than the other brand’s butter in flavor as well as texture. Overall, a good option to curb your sweet tooth.
*Edit: I do not consider the butters to be high protein based on the labels. These would be more of a moderate protein option. ⠀
🔹Price: $15 for Big Sexy. $11 for The Belt Buster. Shipping was $9.52. Use discount code “Gabsfit” to save some money!
🔹Shipping: Usually available any time of the week until sold out. Shipped out the day after I ordered.
🔹I haven’t tried enough protein cookie butters to give it a rating yet. Big Sexy was my favorite and I see myself using up both containers and ordering more in other flavors!
*Edit: Belt Buster 7/10 Big Sexy 8.5/10


March 27, 2020
I have to credit @Fatandweirdcookie for introducing me to the world of online order cookies! I followed @aubrieb and @bbromlow on their Instagram and YouTube for a while before they started their company in 2018. It’s grown from their Aunt’s kitchen and now they are starting construction on a storefront in Florida! If you can’t tell, I love these two! ❤️ (Working hard not to be biased 😅)

Back to the cookies! I ordered:
🔹Big Sexy- chocolate chip w/ salted caramel
🔹 The Brad-oatmeal chocolate chip
🔹 Party Animal- sugar cookie w/ frosting and frosted animal cookies
🔹Momma Jean’s Granola Pie (Fall flavor)

They roll their cookies thick! They were between 4.5-5 oz. They also make 1 lb mega cookies! 🙌) the outside was nice and golden with a soft inside. Overall, the cookies were good and they followed through on the descriptions. They remind me of the cookies your mom bakes when you visit home. I was really looking for a “WOW” factor that us cookie monsters couldn’t achieve on our own. However, I saved Momma Jean’s Pie for last, and boy did it deliver! They nailed the pie crust flavor and the filling was amazing! 9.5/10 for Momma Jean! 🙌 I was pretty sad when it was gone. RIP granola pie. Hoping that it returns next year for orders!

🔹Price: $5.25/cookie with around $8 shipping for me (most other places are $12+) 🔸Discount code “gabsfit” to save a little 🔹Ease of order: Orders are open every Sunday @ 8pm central standard time and usually sell out that night
🔹Customer service: @gabsfit15 was so helpful when I emailed and experienced technical problems! 👍
🔹Rating: 8.5/10 *Edited to be higher based on my rating system changing over time*

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