Sweet Shot Cookies Review

April 2, 2020
Based out of Chicago, Hallie Schwartz makes infused cookies as well as cookie cakes. She makes it fun by offering to send the filling in a syringe so you can fill your cookies at home! She has always loved to bake for others and that lead to her opening her company!

I ordered the the Snacker Pack, but was sent the OG Sig Pack instead. They responded right away to make things right and refunded me minus the shipping cost. I didn’t try all of the cookies I received. They were 3-3.2 oz in weight. I got them pre-filled. They were crunchy with a softer inside.

🔹Choco S’more- Chocolate chip cookie filled with marshmallow fluff and graham cracker crumbs on top. It was the sweetest dough I’ve ever tried, so if you like it extremely sweet, this is the cookie for you! I personally like it a little less sweet. There was a good amount of filling, but very little graham cracker for the s’mores theme. 6/10

🔹Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Butter- The snickerdoodle dough was a good flavor. There was very little cookie butter in mine vs the picture on the website. 7/10

🔹Triple Chocolate- Chocolate cookie with dark chocolate ganache. They did a very good job on this cookie! It has a lot of ganache in the center. It has a hint of salt that helped cut through the sweetness. 8.5/10

🔹Sugar PBJ- Sugar cookie with peanut butter and jelly filling. The sugar cookie base tasted pretty good. There wasn’t much peanut butter or jelly in my cookie vs the picture on the website. 6/10

🔸Overall, they were good cookies. I didn’t get that “wow” factor that I was looking for though. The filling in two of the cookies was good, but the other two had very little filling. It was a little disappointing since the pictures on the website made me think there would be more.

🔹Price: With the discount code “WFH10” it was $3/cookie. That’s about what you would normally pay for cookies this size. Shipping was $13.71.
🔹Order: Almost all the cookies were in stock and able to be ordered at any time. I got my package just 3 days after ordering!
🔹Rating: 6.5/10

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