*In order of dates they were sampled.

Non-Cookie GOAT

1) Ms Thicc (Cereal Killer Treats)

2) Chi-Town Baller (Kahuna Treats)

3) Lust (West Coast Confections)

4) Toasted Coconut Almond Butter (Fokken Nuts)

5) You’re Killing Me S’mores (Fokken Nuts)

6) Blueberry Lime (Cacao & Cardamom)

7) Passionfruit Tajin Mediants (Cacao & Cardamom)

8) Fluttered Rose- chocolate covered honeycomb (Kiki’s Krack Co)

GOAT Cookies

61) Grown up Samoa (Maui Cookie Lady)

60) Toffaboutit (Cereal Killer Sweets)

59) Fall Roll (Sugar Shane’s)

58) Neopilitan Edible Dough (Lifesabaatch)

57) Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake (Lifesabaatch)
56) Scrooged- Stuck at Home (Mauicookielady)

55) It’s a Wonderful Whiskey Life (Mauicookielady)
54) RumChata Egg Nog (Mauicookielady)

53) Tropical Monkey (Mauicookielady)

52) Der Opa Grand Marnier (Mauicookielady)

51) Lemon Cooler (Byrdcookieco)

50) Mississippi Mud Pie (Lifesabaatch)

49) Bumbleberry Crumble (Lifesabaatch)

48) Caramel Apple Streusel (Lifesabaatch)

47) Banoffee (Lifesabaatch)

46) Shoofly Pie (Lifesabaatch)

45) White Chocolate Lemon Protein (Nikki Bs)

44) The Dark Horse (Thicc Dough)

43) It’s Probably Not Your Birthday, But You’re Gonna Wish It Was (The Barbell Bakery)

42) Got Munchies? (The Barbell Bakery)

41) Caramel Brookie (My Sugar High Cookies)

40) Ultimate Brookie-O (Lifesabaatch)

39) CTC (Lifesabaatch)

38) Caramel Macchiato (Haysweetie)

37) The Perfect Man is a Ginger (Haysweetie)

36) Dark Chocolate (Small Batch Brownies)

35)) Gingerbread (Lifesabaatch)

34) Creamy Oats (CerealKillers)

33) Falling for Pumpkin (Labor of Love)

32) Fever Fudge (Stacccked)

31) Pumpkin Pasty (Stacccked)

30) Butterbeer (Stacccked)

29) Cookies N Cream Brownie Batter-Cookie dough-(Lifesabaatch)

28) Pumpkin Cheesecake-Cookie Dough- (Lifesabaatch)

27) Cinnamon Crumble Carrot Cake (stuffedcookies)

26) Apple Cider (Lifesabaatch)

25) Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

24) PB Cookies & Cream (Lifesabaatch)

23) Death By Chocolate (Lifesabaatch)

22)The Candy Corn (Drizzle)

21) Hey Shortie (KnockoutCookies)

20) Animal Cracker Funfetti (KnockoutCookies)

19) What’s Up Doc? (The cookie lab)

18) Spiced Rum Oatmeal Raisin (chocolateandthechip)

17) Chocolate Chip (Lifesabaatch) 

16) Better As A Bair (TheCompCookieCo)

15) Chocolate Daze (Thecookielab)

14) Feelin’ Formal (thecompetitorscookieco)
*Not pictured 
13) Key West (Thecompetitorscookieco)
*It’s not pretty, but it was delicious!

12) PB&J Bar (Lifesabaatch)

11) Cereal Mashup #1 (Lifesabaatch)

10) Cinnaroll (Mega-licious)

9) Boston Cream (Bunditsacookie)

8) Caramel Apple Cinnabun (Bunditsacookie)

7) Churro Y Horchata (stuffedcookies)

6) Mornin’ Sunshine (Lifesabaatch)

5) Death By Chocolate (Mycookiedealer)

4) The Upperclassman (PDX Cookie Co)

3) Cirque-de-licious (Haysweetie)

2) Not Your Grandma’s Oatmeal @ Hay Sweetie

1) MJ’s Granola Pie @ Fat & Weird Cookie Co