International Shipping

I was asked by a follower to post companies that offer international shipping. Shipping to other countries is going to be expensive, but you deserve fun treats too!

In order of pictures taken (reviewed on my page):
1) @bundtitsacookie (USA + Canada)
2) @mycookiedealer
3) @westcoastconfection
4) @kahunatreats (not cookies, but delicious!)
5) @stuffedcookies
6) @anabolic_cookie (In Canada. Delivers to US)
7) @fatandweirdcookie (Canada + FPO + APO)
8) @haysweetie
9) @lifesabaatch (Canada + APO/AE. Others by special request)

10) Chocolate & the Chip (USA + Canada)


11) @thecompetitorscookieco (USA + Canada)

Companies not reviewed on my page, but also offer shipping:
@kykyscookiesandicecream (In Canada. Delivers to US)

@operationcookies (FPO + APO)

@la_madame_biscuit_ (USA + QC)

@beardedbakerto (USA + Canada)